ND Governor’s Walleye Cup - Pre Fishing Lake Sakakawea Walleye

ND Governor’s Walleye Cup - Pre Fishing Lake Sakakawea Walleye
ND Governor’s Walleye Cup - Pre Fishing Lake Sakakawea Walleye (16 min 30 sec)
05-21-2022 at 09:27 PM
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Travis allowed me the privilege to help him pre fish the Governor’s Walleye Cup and I simply cannot say no when it comes to fishing. We fished a good period of time from sunrise to early evening with the weather going from cloudy to sunny by the end of the day. It was a blast getting to move around to so many spots and even try a few techniques I don’t take a lot of time doing typically like drop shotting. If you are interested to see what a tournament fisherman likes to do, you might see that here. You may get an idea that fishing is a great sport and a fun challenge, even for the pros, but this day, Travis definitely out fished me in his own boat. I thought that was against the rules. Maybe not?

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0:00 Intro
2:08 Smallie
2:44 Walleye
3:32 Walleye
4:43 Walleye
5:43 Snuck one into box
6:01 Walleye
6:33 Walleye
7:55 Walleye
9:24 Walleye
10:24 Walleye
11:00 Walleye
12:05 Walleye
12:52 Walleye
13:12 Walleye
13:37 Walleye
14:04 Big Walleye
15:21 Strategy
16:16 Outro
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