Another Bubba Corded electric fillet knife
by lunkerslayer
Reviewed on Sun, 07/12/2020 - 19:39pm
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Another Bubba Corded electric fillet knife
So I forgot my orange and gray electric angler fillet knife at home so I needed to get another one for a spare anyways, so the salesman at the local bait store talk me into getting the new electric fillet knife made by bubba knives. At first I didn't want just a fillet knife, I wanted an electric fillet knife. He said no its electric, so he brought it back to the counter and opened it up for me telling me that it has 4 blades coated in titanium. I was able to plug it in which it comes with a heavy duty cord, the motor seemed to be about or close to the same power as my gray and orange american angler. So I said what the heck its only 10 dollars more then the gray and orange american angler. I was able to use it on three different times the weekend of the fourth. Its heavy as well as bulky compared to the american angler. The case it comes in has its own molded tray that the knife sits in as well as 4 spots for the different length blades. The blades where easy to clean and fit better into the slot with very little play for the blades to wiggle. I like to use the electric knife to remove the rib bones so that was a positive point for me unlike the american angler that has lots of play in the slot where the blades slide into. Neither one of these electric knives would be able to keep up with my old gray and black american angler that I had that was stolen because that knife never stopped even when it got to warm to handle. I like the bubba electric fillet knife because of the price and the overall build of the knife which does come with four blades.
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  • Soft sided carrying case 4 blades Heavy duty cord Only 10 dollars more than the orange american angler Blades fit tight in the slot
  • heavier compared to the american angler
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