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    Trucker Convoy USA

    Anybody else see a post on Facebook about a trucker convoy meeting at Schatz in Minot tomorrow and heading east to DC? Looks like they have the route all planned out. Not sure if this will come alive though.
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    Boat fails/shit happens 2020

    Summer is bout gone. Let's hear them boat fails/crappy situations that may or may not have happened this year. Don't be shy, shit does happen. I'll start er out with the 1st fail. Live in Surrey, was on the water at Indian Hills by 7am last weekend. Was beyond perfect conditions for the tuna...
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    Weather 2020

    They sure are talking up this storm rolling in tonight. Good luck to the lakers riding it out in the camper tonight. Gunna be interesting. Post pics if it gets crazy.
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    Time to get the weather bucket out.
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    Vanhook Classic 2018

    What's the word down there? Fish or no fishes?
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    How did ya beat it? Haven't slept in 4 months hardly. Went to doc n told him im falling apart mentally from sleep deprivation. Got sleeping pills but, I don't have faith in them nothing has ever put me down and kept me there. Tried them last night with bad results. Doubled the dose tonight. I...
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    Best place for older sled parts Early 90's

    I'm a noob when it comes to finding sled parts. I ain't sled it up in 20 years. Where's a guys best bet for early 90s ski doo parts. Might do a restore 93 Mach 1 xct. She's old and heavy but goes like a raped ape. Scooped it for 2fiddy I thought the price was pretty deeeeeec I dunno.
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    Vanhook Classic 2016 Results

    Day 1 updates anybody?
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    The Bite

    "The Bite". You guys know what I'm talking about. Any day now it should turn on like a light switch. We gotta be real close. I'm talking big lake here. Anybody else have thoughts? I usually chase the bite starting out west and move east. This time I don't think I will. Gunna stick with the east...
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    How to wreck a Thursday

    Step 1, walk into the Dentists office with no insurane/inderinsurred. Step 2, process to have 5 teeth pulled without novacaine being any help Step 3, checkout, ansd schedule next cash only upfront adventure Step 4, deciding not to skip step 1
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    Hewes Craft...........Thoughts?

    What's your guys thoughts on these things? I mean, it seems the weather is never perfect for fishing other than we might hit a good week or 2 of somewhat nice conditions. If a guy wants to go out no matter the conditions it seems like one of these might be the answer? Not saying I'd own one for...
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    Facebook Bans Gun Sales- Now What? Read This

    Facebook has pulled the plug on gun sales in groups and pages. Now what? I'll tell you now what. Go to if you have stuff to sell. It's been a good run, I enjoy my freedom and what not. If I randomly disappear I guess it WAS NOT infact a good idea to fight back against...
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    Worst or Weirdest Christmas Present You've Ever Gotten?

    Thread title says it all.
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    Dumbest Thing You've Heard Today

    Was just talking to a person and somehow in betwixt conversation out of the blue, it appears it was time for said person to wash the ole shower curtain. Am I living life all wrong? Do shower curtains need to be properly detailed?:confused: Can somebody explain this? I got nothing here. And to...
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    Attempted Robbery At Local River In Minot Thwarted Off By Concealed Carry.

    Just a heads up to anybody heading down to the river to get a line wet. Just the other day, a person I know, a really good guy, took their grandson down to the river to spend a little quality time. It was just him and his 12 year old grandson fishing until 4 mexicans showed up that were boozing...
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    Turkey Countdown 2015

    Due to lack of motivation, I've yet to go buy a bird. Turbo method to defrost? Next, who's got some interesting ideas on how to cook said bird? Something other than traditional oven style, smoker, deep fry method. Who's got the secret method/recipe? Or.....maybe a frozen pizza will do.
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    Chili cookoff this Saturday the 21st at The Blind Duck in Minot. Starts at noon judging at 3. No rules at all. You can cook at home and bring it in. PM me if you want me to put you on the list. As of now there's only a few signed up.
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    UND Nickname Game Is Over

    The Fighting Hawks................Just doesn't sound right at all.

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