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    Deer harvest

    Saw plenty of deer last weekend and throughout the week. Im going to climb up in the stand tomorrow morning, pour some coffee, put the heater on and watch the ND HS FB games on the tablet. Plan to sit all day with the snow and cold coming in!
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    MT Elk & Deer results out today

    Curious who drew? I ended up with a General Elk/Deer Combo with 2 points.
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    April Blizzard Predicted next week

    By the sounds of some models, significant snowfall is a real possibility next week. I know some areas could use the moisture but good lord its the middle of April for crying out loud! Would be a tough hit on the ranchers calving right now to.
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    All Things Ukraine/Russia

    - - - Updated - - - Actually this is more of what is going on in Ukraine IMO.
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    All Things COVID-19

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    All Things COVID-19

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    All Things COVID-19

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    All Things COVID-19

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    All Things COVID-19

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    All Things COVID-19

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