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  1. DakotaGreg

    No "rescues" occured at Red Lake Incident

    The media lied.
  2. DakotaGreg

    Dakota Tackle Swap Event

    Dec 3. Bismarck, ND at Dakota Tackle Swap Event Last year Wade had coffee and donuts. I expect to be there with a table selling about a dozen or so items.
  3. DakotaGreg

    Pre-Ice Forming

    I took these photos of Lake Sakakawea today. The lake looked liked a sauna. Perhaps a chemist would know more but it looks like the lake was relatively warm and then it got super cold in a hurry so the lake is losing heat rapidly. Patches of ice are starting to appear along the bank. The water...
  4. DakotaGreg

    Duel Helix 10 Transducers

    My electrical engineer brother in law had me buy a second transducer and a Y cable to link two transducers into one single sonar unit. One transducer will read one side imaging of the boat clear but the boat motor obscures the other side of the side imaging. He claims by connecting two ducers...
  5. DakotaGreg

    Unmarked Spear Holes

    Almost lost my pickup today on skunk bay. I think it was an unmarked spear hole but I cruised over top of it and my rear end fell through. I instinctively accelerated and popped out of it. The water was up to the rear bumper. Coming out the bump was violent but no damage so far other than a...
  6. DakotaGreg

    Selling Stuff

    Is it cool to make a listing to sell used sporting goods? I didnt see a category for selling so if its alright, which forum should I use?
  7. DakotaGreg

    Another fly fishing carp post but with catfish too

    I carefully crafted a post on what works for me after years of fly fishing for carp and the post expired. I lost all my writing so Ill just be short. I caught two big carp in two casts and used them for catfishing all night which was also very good. If anyone wants me to share how I specifically...
  8. DakotaGreg

    Camping WMAs

    One of my favorite types of fishing is backpacking/camping for catfish on public land, typically along the Yellowstone and Missouri. I did lots of it in Montana and explored the WMAs in ND for the first time. I found alot of great looking water but all of the WMAs are closed to camping. Is that...
  9. DakotaGreg

    Fly Fishing Rods

    I moved here from Montana three years ago and have been fly fishing since about 2000. I've acquired a lot of gear since then but no longer use most of it. I mainly use a 7wt now for pike and bass on sakakawea. If anyone is interested in buying rods/reels/spools/stocked fly boxes, let me know...

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