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    MT Elk & Deer results out today

    Curious who drew? I ended up with a General Elk/Deer Combo with 2 points.
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    April Blizzard Predicted next week

    By the sounds of some models, significant snowfall is a real possibility next week. I know some areas could use the moisture but good lord its the middle of April for crying out loud! Would be a tough hit on the ranchers calving right now to.
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    Antelope applications are out

    Or not.... what's taking the goobernor so long to sign the proclamation? I called the G&F and they confirmed it's on his desk.
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    2020 Archery Opener

    Well season is officially open! Who has plans to make it out over the weekend? I will be out tonight for sure and probably tomorrow as well. Good Luck to everyone! Post some success pics if you are lucky and stick one. - - - Updated - - - Also if anyone is interested in a FREE used left...
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    Watch Em Grow!!

    So this topic has been posted on different forums as well. Just thought we could get one going here. I'll start it off.
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    Out of Shadows Documentary

    Anybody catch this on YouTube? I watched it and it really started to make sense about everything going on in the world. Its a little over 1 hour long but worth watch IMO.
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    If you Vote in ND you may lose your hunting license??

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