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  1. jdinny

    Towtector question?

    I’ve snooped around some of the previous forums decided on the towtectors to protect the unsparkly glass boat. Can a guy get these locally anywhere In the bis/man area or do I have to do it online? When I try to find dealers nothing pops up online for local dealers or carriers Thanks Guys
  2. jdinny

    Bass Guys need some help!!

    Who’s the best smallmouth bass replica taxidermist? 6 year old tangled with an 18”nearly pulled the little shit in and kinda was half cheering for the bass as he was being a shister but alas he got the fish in measured 18” snapped a pic and we released it. Kinda wishing to mount it for him so...
  3. jdinny

    shorefishing cats close to bismarck

    Okay Nodak help a guy out. generally as we know im a Van hook snob, but with the 3 young boys they have started a journal and are keeping track of every species of fish we have caught this year. we are at 13 species. the one they are wanting real bad is catfish i have yet to get one. yes they...
  4. jdinny

    Predator proofing a chicken coop

    So the wife and I decided to continue our subsitence ( haha) lifestyle and raise 6 chickens prolly more in the future if this goes well. Any how she would like a chicken coop that has half ass "curb appeal" which is fine its got good reviews looks good the only thing is I think she under...
  5. jdinny

    Suggestions on a good pike lake?

    Hi guys normally don't target pike but plan on bringing my boys out this wknd and figured there at the age of a good ole tip up session running and wrestling to the flags. Anyone have suggestions on a pike lake between Bismarck and Jamestown . Have a buddy from Jamestown and I'm from Bismarck so...
  6. jdinny

    audubone smallies

    I'm sure this has been asked before but..... thinking about running my boys up to Audubon and try some smallies as I hear they seem to be catching them. I know there is some die hard guys that chase bass and I do not want spots, secrets anything. but for a guys that fishes walleyes primarily...
  7. jdinny

    Montana goat trip

    sorry fellas couldn't figure how to get pics in the thread so all the pics are in my album and to the Rt currently. trip went great. lots of goats. tru trophy quality lacked as the herd had a bad die off in 2012 and just wasn't many older bucks running around. the best goat was quickly grossed...
  8. jdinny

    office etiquette part 2!

    so whats worse a male who leaves the toilet seat up after he pisses or a male who discovers "blood" spatter underneath the toilet seat when he goes to the bathroom and works in an office with women..... dam i cant get this image out of my head. and no i dont have any daughters just sons, yes...
  9. jdinny

    Early goose

    Who been out and got fields lined up? Since Mondays the opener I won't be joining the fun this year and actually haven't scouted a mile yet as I fear all the good feeds will be shot up and we will be starting over anyhow by next wknd. - - - Updated - - - In my travels I have seen a few fields...
  10. jdinny

    Montana goat results out!

    montana speed goats results are out. i was lucky enough to draw the 700-HD unit with 0 points. i wasnt prepared for this tag and have to start researching the unit. anyone hunt this unit before? any tips? we do have private land access in the ekalaka and willard areas so will be setting up...
  11. jdinny

    Changing lawn mower oil filter ( epic fail)

    so I was changing my lawn mower oil filter today . anyhow I drain the oil, and come to the oil filter that seemingly was put on by a monster gorilla with great grip strength. I cannot get this fkn thing off. slight frustration turns to down right anger. I was throwing run on sentences of...
  12. jdinny

    Wyoming results out!!

    wyoming results are out after only 21 days.......anyhow how you all fair? got turned down on my antelope will purchase a point to point creep for deer
  13. jdinny

    class b state tourney

    anyone have a link to the tourney to stream live? im pretty dumb with technology and scared of it. catholic schools 1 class b schools 0 :;:stirthepot
  14. jdinny

    bis/man electrians

    any one have any recommendations for electricians in bis man area. its a small project just need 8 outlets finished in my garage. the wires are roughed in and I recently finished with the tape, texture and painting. I know some people prolly don't waste time on little shit like this buti just...
  15. jdinny

    Baumgartner lake or any others?

    Looking at the forecast next weekend has me wanting to get my 2.5 year old son out on the ice. Was wondering if anyone has been down to Baumgartners recently? Are the pike biting? Any other lakes a guy could take a kid within an hr of Bismarck . Don't really care the species just some...
  16. jdinny

    Goose fajitas

    Hey fellas just wanted to share a recipe. now I often experiment with big geese cuz let's face it.....they ain't that good. But here's what I did. soaked em in salt water 2 nights trimmed the breast in like 1/4" strips ( made sure all meat had no bb"s ) etc threw them in a slowmcooker with...

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