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  1. DakotaGreg

    RIP Kirstie Alley

    She was one of the few that was not insane. My favorite of her are lesser known movies but Drop Dead Gorgeous since it captured Minnesota so well and Mad House because of the cat scene.
  2. DakotaGreg

    What makes you want to puke.

    Taxation both with and without representation. Other peoples neglected or untrained large dogs. Trevor Noah. Billings, MT. Inline Reels. Prostitution Prohibition. (Ice fishing is boring on its own.)
  3. DakotaGreg

    No "rescues" occured at Red Lake Incident

    The media lied.
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  5. DakotaGreg

    Crazy Hunter Harassment Duck Hunting In North Dakota (Game Warden Involved!)

    I stopped hunting in Montana because of false accusations and confrontations with outfitters and wardens. Outfitters locking easments, blocking access, claiming public property etc. Few recordings on youtube of outfitters leasing grazing rights on public land and claiming that public hunters are...
  6. DakotaGreg

    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    Was there any sign of that happening? Is this phenonoma common on Red? I know last year the high winds on Lake Superior broke the ice off the bank and floated off dozens of anglers. Being that Superior never locks up completely, it was sort of predictable with that wind.
  7. DakotaGreg

    remember when...

  8. DakotaGreg

    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    What is Velva? Ive been ice camping over night. First night was right off the ramp in Nelson. Then last week I camped on south end of lake. They must have changed the rules to allow adjescent parking along their "tour road". I may check out north end next. But usually I stop and fish the first...
  9. DakotaGreg

    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    I saw a few mini perch last week. Ive only been out twice though so my sample size is small. Ive never seen jumbos there. Im going wednesday night.
  10. DakotaGreg

    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    Im getting chonks on audobahn. Hard to fill a limit though. Losing most the fish I hook and most fish on the vexilar wont even eat.
  11. DakotaGreg

    What are you listening to these days?

    Any music thats old. Grew up on classic country. Lots of 80s and 70s music. Nothing new. History Audio Books - I pick a central figure I knew nothing about and look for a book. Did Charlemagne, Temujin, Alexander the Great, and currently on Robespierre. Podcasts mainly from the Mises...
  12. DakotaGreg

    Any ice reports?

    I stayed overnight last night and had most the action from 8pm to midnight. Then a pike the next day at noon. Left instead of sitting around all day to wait for dark. Vampire walleye.
  13. DakotaGreg

    CEO/Staff reductions

    The consumers decide if its poorly run by voting with their wallet. No company should be funded by taxes to even cause such a societal issue. Not that it matters, but funding companies is not a delegated power of the tenth amendment.
  14. DakotaGreg

    Dakota Tackle Swap Event

    Dec 3. Bismarck, ND at Dakota Tackle Swap Event Last year Wade had coffee and donuts. I expect to be there with a table selling about a dozen or so items.
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  16. DakotaGreg

    Any ice reports?

    I caught few on audobon on Monday night.
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  18. DakotaGreg

    toby and tina

    The US gets ridiculed by Europeans for not having state healthcare but it actually mostly does. Veterans, children, and elderly get free or some healthcare from the state through the VA, chip, medicare,, etc all subsidize healthcare. The state now almost completely controls...
  19. DakotaGreg

    Ugly people and just plain ugly!

    As a new member completely unfamiliar with this Brek, he/she/they/them lost all credibility halfway through the post when doxing was threatened. Threats like that are what 12 years make on Call of Duty over xbox live. I was surprised this person didn't claim to have a dad at the pentagon that...
  20. DakotaGreg

    Pre-Ice Forming

    I took these photos of Lake Sakakawea today. The lake looked liked a sauna. Perhaps a chemist would know more but it looks like the lake was relatively warm and then it got super cold in a hurry so the lake is losing heat rapidly. Patches of ice are starting to appear along the bank. The water...

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