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    Which one of you was this?
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    Fishing and Hunting Video Equipment

    Seems like everybody uses the go pro setup
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    Making deer soap?

    So what does it smell like?
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    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    Velva is way out on the east side
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    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    I couldn't get em to eat last night. rest of last week wasn't a problem tho. I've been west for majority of time, went to velva last night.
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    SOLD - sold -

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    Have you been out ice fishing yet?

    Is anybody else noticing a size problem on Audobon this year or have I just been in the wrong spots. So far after a handful of outtings, 14" is the average fish. Unfortunately that is on par with their netting results. Sakakawea can't come soon enough.
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    Best fishing apps for iPhone?

    Garmin mapping is what i use now since i ditched the bird.
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    Any ice reports?

    8 inches o solid clear ice in a bay at Audobon tonight. There's a good bite but it's a short window as usual.
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    Black Friday Deals

    Good deal on a carry piece cough cough.
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    Lithium battery

    Depends what you buy. There are numerous different hours you can purchase. I ran a helix 9 off a 12ah amped outdoors lithium and it never failed during a day or 2 of fishing without charging again. would def buy again.
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    Sale 2019 wilcraft

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    Ice Fishing in 49 days. I'm calling it!

    Friends are wackin em on audobon right meow.
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    Toby musta really hit rock bottom if he's givin out handies n bjs for bottles nowadays. oof.
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    Ugly people and just plain ugly!

    Too long didn't read. Nobody cares move along and wipe the sand from your mangina.
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    Measure 2: Marijuana Legalization

    Does it really matter if it's legal anyways? Anybody that wants it can find it easier than a damn Mcdonalds. Think it's just a ticket nowadays for simple possession isn't it? But me do thinks the taxes generated from legalizing it would outweigh the revenue generated from a few tickets a month...
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    Stupid people

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    Measure 2: Marijuana Legalization

    60/40 it goes down in smoke
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    Stupid people

    Very neat

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