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    Viet Cong Guns

  2. svnmag

    Big city crime

  3. svnmag

    China Invasion

  4. svnmag

    China Invasion

    The "Runner" has another good monologue:
  5. svnmag

    Big city crime

    ...and Democrats in govt call this "consumer reparations" and bailed out arsonists in 2020.
  6. svnmag


    Well it seems I collect rods. When "instant-anti reverse" came out in the early 90's I bought three Zebco Quantums(USA) and two Garcia Speedkings(Sweden) and in the advent of braid; I've been able to switch rods at will with one of the Zeb's now a part's source. There's also one Shimano...
  7. svnmag

    Major League Fishing In Hills

    On again tomorrow from 3-5:30 on OLN: This group was a bit less motivated than the first with one with a "banjo/incest/gay rape" comment. KVD was a bit attitudinal about the lake then came around when he stuck a 3lb to make the cut in the last period: Two small muskie were caught. It's...
  8. svnmag

    China Invasion

    I didn't get where he was coming off as a badass.
  9. svnmag

    Spicy food

    Also, I like a half pinch of cayenne in a bowl of chicken soup.
  10. svnmag

    Major League Fishing In Hills

    Going to try this again while monitoring the thumb heels around the space bar. I've got just enough "Mt. Dew" and pizza grease on my hands to whip George Costanza at Frogger: MLF is (was) in some old stomping grounds in WV last October. It's on tomorrow at 1pm or Sunday at 3pm on Stonewall...
  11. svnmag

    Smelt in Bismarck ?

  12. svnmag

    China Invasion

  13. svnmag

    Hey V--I hope all is well. I miss my stars and such as it was a reminder of time wasted :)...

    Hey V--I hope all is well. I miss my stars and such as it was a reminder of time wasted :) around here and a small inconsequential source of "pride"(?) 22 years gone... Take care, Dan
  14. svnmag

    tapping boxelder trees

    If you want to fool with it: If/When they start hitting the oil is worth decent money.
  15. svnmag

    Smelt in Bismarck ?

    The herring and sardine posts are intriguing... doesn't make a damn bit of sense to me they'd be that selective and still hit red hots.
  16. svnmag

    Smelt in Bismarck ?

    IMHO/E: Presentation isn't very important. You can Frankenstein a big smelt with a knife on a long shank/plastic worm hook or just ball up a bunch of smaller ones like you're after catfish. BTW; I've never received an answer whether muskie could be caught in the same manner. It stands to...
  17. svnmag

    Project ideas for a 13yo

    That was going to be my post mentioning you.
  18. svnmag

    Project ideas for a 13yo

    That's probably a lot with the phone. I'm glad I had a lot of Sheldon Cooper in me until in the Farce.
  19. svnmag


    I hope you're right. Robins seem to have a penchant for getting ass slammed. I think maybe it's because their genetics haven't caught up with climate change (natural Earth wobble). When I was growing up the river through town would sometimes have idiots cavorting on snowmobiles. In...
  20. svnmag

    O East Central ND Multispecies

    21in 5.3 lbs?

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