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    Hamburger from a grown bull?

    If the price is right....
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    Spicy food

    The mother in laws dads wife is from Thailand. She knows how to bring the heat.
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    Buffalo Wings!

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    Possible New Boat Trailer

    Boat shows coming up if your feeling real itchy. Why stop at just the trailer, get a new rig.
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    tapping boxelder trees

    And so begins 3 weeks of work for 1 pint.
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    Bismarck/Mandan Ramps?

    I'd have some pretty bad spring fever if I still lived in bismarck right now.
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    Daytona 500

    How gay is that. Instead of running out if fuel its oh shit my battery is dying.
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    Daytona 500

    Nascar died when Dale did. Bravo to those of you that still watch today's garbage.
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    Need Founding Members Forum

    Goddammit Johnr get your shit together.
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    Bismarck - Best Tiger Meat?

    I don't think I could stomach it. I don't have a stomach anyways but noway Jose.
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    Bismarck - Best Tiger Meat?

    So u just mix some garbage in and eat the shit raw?
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    What do you do to pay the bill

    Used hay dealer
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    Night owls

    Does it really matter if it's legal or not? I've been smoking for over 20 years. It's readily available on the black market whenever u want.
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    Night owls

    Have you ever tried a nice joint for sleep? CBD is for those that believe in the Easter bunny.
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    Bismarck - Best Tiger Meat?

    I'm not proud of the amount of honey mustard I go through in a week.
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    Spell Check?

    Get all learnt up on spellin.
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    Morning bite on Devils Lake?

    Did u fall thru yet?
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    Well this isn' good for anyone

    Is this the bitch that called her kid stupid for getting caught? If so ya she can rot.
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    Flat Earthers

    Flatearthers and bigfooters are 2 peas in one pod.
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    Boat Cover

    Better just buy a new boat, they come with them.

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