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Thread: Striker ice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shorthairsrus View Post
    All i hear on this site is Simms Simms Simms ---bend over and buy a overrated overrpriced pos simms ---- the owner is the biggest tree hugger around. How many people in your state Mr. Fly Carpin would lose jobs if it was up to mr Walsh -- he is not afraid to open his tree huggn mouth

    another Californ "I" "A" guy moving to Montana. I bet you luv that

    I got deal baby and wearing that proud --- nobody is going to outlast me at the derby -- ha
    I’m a North Dakotan living in Montana. No dog in that fight as I’m also an interloper. At least Simms isn’t openly opposed to consumptive pursuits like hunting and fishing. And a cut of the taxes from the sales of those products goes back into conservation and improvement of our fishing waters. But by all means, go ahead and proudly wear that fart bag of a snowsuit

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    ha ha ha - on the meme generator site right after I made it

    er... I mean after I cut newspaper clipping letters and pasted them on my Jan Brady Polaroid with a glue stick, then took a pic of it

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    True freedom is not the ability to do whatever one wants or as one pleases without restraint, rather, true freedom is the ability to do what one ought to do.

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