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    I guess i do not understand the point?? Are Pheasants native to north america. No, so of course they are farmed birds. How about the Walleyes in everyone's freezer that were raised in a hatchery?? Do we get a bad Rap for that as well??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdie View Post
    A lot of valid points in that video. Shooting pen raised birds isn't hunting, and gives real hunters a bad rep!

    I threw that video out as a spoof. It's from the Humane Society of the United States. I have raised a lot of pheasants and pen raised chukers are absolutely the best choice for starting a young pup.

    Rowdie, you say shooting pen raised birds isn't hunting. Others say it is. You say it gives real hunters a bad rap. Why? Maybe because you have been told to believe it raises the ire of the Humane Society? And who likes to embed that message? Jim Posewitz writes:

    Tolerance of the lowest ethical standards, for the sake of unity, demeans us all.

    Sportsmen shouldn't allow themselves to be divided like this. Raising and releasing pheasants is a good thing.

    I very much dislike that Posewitz saying. The 2nd Amendment is about unity. Recently there was a Bill dubbed the red flag where if someone "claimed" you are a threat, a judge could automatically take your guns. Guilty and the onus is on you to prove otherwise. Republican Senator Majority Leader Rich Wardner signed on as a sponsor. A few others did too because, what in the hell, the Majority Leader did. Wardner's reasoning was his wife works with social services and some people shouldn't have guns. So who becomes the ethics police?

    Should 2nd Amendment advocates simply roll over and say, "tolerance of the lowest ethical standards, for the sake of unity, demeans us all?"

    The Red Flag Bill went down in flames and Wardner got called out. In one meeting my friend asked him if he would ever sign onto something like that again? Wardner got mad and said he was called names and it really PISSED HIM OFF. (heavy on the loud voice) But, NO, he won't do that again.

    Sorry Rowdie, but you have drank too much of the Kool-Aid.

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