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      Reprogramming ECU on outboard

      Anyone have any experience or info on this?Name:  250 SHO ECU Program.jpg
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      I dont know anything about outboard programs, but any engine with a ecu that is programable can be tweaked. A lot of changes done to ign. timing curves, and injection timing and if engine is s/c up boost pressures. good thing about outboards is a 250 hp and 300 ho may be the same block so it shouldnt be a big worry about grenading your engine and really nobody is going to sell a new program that is going to do major damage. It takes more heat and pressures to make more hp so engine wear is accelerated.

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      The first rule of reprogramming your ECU is you don’t talk about reprogramming your ECU. Those who do it rarely talk about it, but when every other boat of a certain type goes x mph and someone has an identical one that goes x+5-10mph, pretty good chance it is “chipped”. like mentioned before if it is only programming that is the difference between a 225 and a 300 a lot of the guys have had simons or whipple do their programming. The biggest thing is can the gearcase and internals handle the extra rpms and wear. To me just the fact that a 20+k engine that has warranty may be voided if something happens to it is what holds up a lot of people from either telling about it or doing it. . Most people don’t have the patience to test 8 props and a bunch of different engine heights and loading combinations to get optimal performance when for 800$ you can add 10mph top end to your boat by chipping it. For the first few years I haven’t heard of a lot of issues on the vrods and yammies but seems like lately a few guys have been tearing them up, whether it is from a reprogramming or not who knows. I am sure it is like tuning a diesel if you do it and don’t beat on it to hard it will last forever but if you are constantly pushing it the life expectancies shorten.

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