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    Thread: AR15 Pistol

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      Quote Originally Posted by KDM View Post
      Shot an M4 while in Afghanistan and for those who don't know it has a collapsible stock which is the way I carried it normally and it is designed for right handed shooters. I'm a lefty, so when the necessity came to fire that thing "On short notice", that hot brass felt like it was tickling the end of my nose, but in reality was about 4 inches away. I can honestly say, I wouldn't be real keen on spending money on a gun where my face is about an inch from the ejection port during operation. Can't see a bullpup or any of those "shorties" in my future, but they look cool.
      The bullpup in the above picture is an IWI X95 Tavor. Safety and magazine release are ambidextrous and the charging handle and bolt/ejector can be swapped for left handed parts so it ejects on the opposite side.

      The Kel-Tec RDB ejects out the bottom so the brass burns your nards when you’re driving around in your underwear shooting at coons and possums from the drivers seat. Or so I’m told.

      As Supressyourself mentioned, the Desert Tech MDR can be right or left ejection and you can swap calibers on a single chassis. I believe you can run .308, 6.5Cr, and .223 all in the same gun (with some parts changes).

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      If you're reading this post and find yourself muttering, "he can't be serious", there's a good chance I'm not.

      “Wentz won't win one much less 5 or six.” -Kurtr, 1/21/18

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      Quote Originally Posted by Meelosh View Post
      When you brought this to the party, the other guy was as gonna have a bad time.
      Especially with the cheat that let you have two!

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      So here is what I ended up doing. I took my TC Contender, bought a pistol grip that was threaded in the back for a buffer tube, and then I added a Shockwave pistol brace gfor my 14" .17 HMR barrel. No worries correct?

      I initially wanted to build an AR pistol with all the black Friday deals flying around. However, I have plenty of ARs. I was persuaded to get into the TC Contender groove awhile ago by several family members who own them. There is no doubt they are a high quality firearm that shoots awesome. However, they are challenging to shoot effectively to say the least. I felt that by going this route I would have an accurate little varmint slayer that would get a lot more use than being a gun safe queen.

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