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      i am not sure i see it being as big of a disaster as some. especially, since we started from all land is unposted unless posted... physically or electronically. call me an optimistic. but, tis way better than the alternative. and i tend to think if this works out, then it might prevent the worst case scenario. and i also don't think there is as much standing in the way of it working out as most might think.

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      This site is funny when there's blood in the water.

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      Quote Originally Posted by johnr View Post
      I kinda like #2. Its like me pissing and moaning about the rain and my truck getting dirty, so I leave mine in the garage and take mrs johnrs rig out and get hers all dirtied up..

      I have wheels, but choose to use hers for pure selfish bullshit.

      I also know several farmers using the gratis tag through out the entire county, as the land they farm would never hold any game. And no I don't turn them in as they are friends, and generally good guys, I also don't call the cops on a coworker who runs a red light, or drinks a roady going from the boat ramp to the cleaning station.

      If I wanted to be an officer of the law, I would have become one

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      Quote Originally Posted by Twitch View Post
      First I have 0 problems of a landowner putting in for a tag in a different unit than they own land. Also this electronic posting could potentially be a disaster, no argument there. Now your other statement of it being an easier way definitely doesn’t automatically mean it’s a better way. I know that’s borderline blasphemy in today’s world but the difficult road less traveled is often far more rewarding. I mean how hard would it be for someone to say the easiest way would be just to ban hunting all together. Not really a place we want to be and I’d imagine you’d hopefully agree
      I totally agree . I wish it woulda been left the way it was .

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