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      I was going to ask what videos/programs you followed. You pretty much provided that info before the question so thank you.
      I was just curious for my next go around (which hopefully isn’t until I get another 5 or 6 seasons with my current dog).

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      Quote Originally Posted by R@nger_BO@TS View Post
      Has any body here tried hunting the roost on like the river and just wait tell birds get off of it and then set up on the shoreline and set out some decoys and just wait and see what happens
      Hunting rivers is a bit different than hunting a roost on a pond. I would not set up exactly where the big roost is but rather in between where the roost and feed is. Busting roosts happens sometimes unintentionally when hunting rivers but you really want to avoid it if possible. Sometimes the birds will come back and sometimes they will go a completely different area.

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      Quote Originally Posted by snow1 View Post
      NEVER ever hunt the roost.guyz that do fuck up a 20 square mile area,of feed ground,bust the roost during migration will push the birds out early,however hit a small loaf slough at sunrise,push remaining birds out,either sit and wait w/o dekes to pass shoot or throw a few floaters out and wait for the birds to return,it works great.
      I think he is talking hunting the Missouri River later in the season . I dont think hunting those river roosts will drive the birds out of the area and cause them to migrate, but it could mess up some field hunts. Those geese are hard to push south even with the coldest winters. The whole river is almost an entire roost so hunting one part of it might not be as detrimental as a guy thinks.

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      MM,somewhat agree on the river,seems honkers will tough out the cold late season as long as they have food/water,all of our late season missouri river hunts are off the river up on the bluffs,dekes,sometimes pass shoot iffin they are all wadded up on cold nights then they come off the river in large groups to feed. Large slough and lake roosts during migration,no go...My .02.

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