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      Tanglefree panel blind. 3 years of heavy use not one problem. Easy to pack, lightweight, flip tops, hunt them anywhere.

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      Quote Originally Posted by snow1 View Post
      Hey BV,i hunt the same area as you from the webster area west to Groten early migration then pass shoot on the river bluff's on the Brule reservation late season,been thinking of doing a hunt on the sissiton rez one day,I'm told hunter's do well there.

      I hunt same as you. Go as far as Aberdeen from Webster. I grew up in Abdn so still have some pals that I hunt with. Haven't hunted river bluffs for years. Dad used to hunt the bluffs on/near Shadehill when I was a kid. Those were some of the original giants. Man, some of those geese were enomous! Like 14-16 lbers. Not sure about Siss area. Have family in that area too and they don't say much about that area.

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      BV,If my timing is right,the area west of the coteau hills can be a barn burner,bumped in to a famer from the colony years ago that let's me hunt once the crops are down,he/colony has several section's.

      Big /Giant honkers in SD not so much for me on the brule rez,mostly cackler's and lesser's,as a youngen years ago I shot a 16'er in western minn during a big goose contest in a small town (montivdeo) ,had it mounted,damn if my dog didn't eat that somebeech one night,then I moved to Alaska,whole different ball game waterfowl hunting the coastal shores,all waterfowl hunting is realitive to tidal movement,the pacific greater canadian geese we shot were in the 20lb class,not worth a shit to eat,piss poor shellfish diet I was told,but locals ate them just fine,but they also ate scoter's and eider's and all other diver's and tell me "good eats" with a straight face,

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