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      Over Rated Guns?

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      Uncle Steve defines minnows as any small fish racing around to relax.

      You can't build a wall high enough to stop a vaccine.

      --the significance of the passage of time? RIGHT? So when you think about it; there is great significance in the passage of time and there's SUCH great significance in the passage of time

      Imagine, if you will, a world where every tweet and meme must be fact checked, but not a ballot.

      Im responsible for what I say, not what you understand.

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      The narrator is a "reader" not a shooter.

      I'm Blazer ignorant so won't comment further.

      I wouldn't be of a mind to purchase a Rem-produced Marlin. I might be willing to purchase a newer Ruger production model.

      He completely neglected to mention the re-introduction of the M70 "Classic" that started in the Winchester custom shop in 1990 and were available as production rifles from '92-2006 when New Haven Closed. The "2007" model he referenced wasn't a 2007, there weren't any Winchester M70's available in 2007, they were re-introduced in 2008 when they opened their South Carolina facility. FN did make a "re-badged" M70 Clone out of the New Haven plant in the form of their "Patrol Bolt Rifle, and Special Police Rifle", however, IIRC, they were all short actions from 223 up through 300WSM.

      He pictured more Shotguns than double rifles in his double-rifle segment. The CZ550 Magnum he recommended as a substitute is a very nice piece but the safety is 100% bass-ackwards. You pull the safety to the rear to fire it. IMO, it's a relatively easy fix, you buy an aftermarket M70 3-position safety bolt-shroud and throw that other piece of shit in the garbage.

      375, 378, 416, and 460 Wby mags are NOT long-range sniping tools in factory form as dummy eludes to, they're dangerous game rifles.

      Again I'll re-state my opening comment. Mr. Narrator reads and talks to much and shoots too little to be advising anyone about anything more lethal than an air-soft.

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      This has been like listening to Nancy Pelosi argue with Ozzy Osborne.

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