AZ Mule Deer


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Apr 20, 2015
NW Angle, MN and Grand Forks, ND
In our remote little vac spot we have about a dozen or so come thru the yard in the morning or evening. I was surprised this year by the size they all seem a little bigger than I remember from last year. Which is somewhat strange as what they have for cover to eat from that looks pretty meager compared to the ND Badlands. Whatever it is most be nutritious. We are at 5300 feet.

Anyway there is one nice Muley Buck that seems in charge, however he just mostly walks thru. I finally noticed he is limping on his left front. There is a local AZ Game and Fish office so being bored I stopped by asked a few DUMB questions.
I found out AZ does NOT have any rules/regulations for feeding or baiting. They just STRONGLY discourage it. The wife thought maybe we could buy an alfalfa ball for the herd (pets) while we were here. My position was put the big guy out of his misery and harvest the tenderloins and backstraps before they spoil if permitted. Leave the rest for coyotes. That was an emphatic NO from the young lady at the counter. So we will just keep watchin him limp through.


Aug 25, 2022
Bismarck, Nd
What area in Az are you Zog? Here around Havasu we have few muleys, even fewer whitetails. I’ve been here exploring the desert for 12 years on AtV’s, Mtn Bikes, UTV’s, a bit or aircraft piloting and hiking and haven’t seen a single deer yet! Lots further north and higher in the mountains though. All we have here are feral donkeys ( wonder what they taste like) and a few javelina on their northernmost range. And a few feral pigs they won’t let us take care of. One thing though - Both California and Azhavedone a great job of reintroducing and improving desert sheep habitat! Great animals - see on most desert outings.

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