RR Red River 7-2-24


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Apr 20, 2015
Grand Forks
New week new high water on the way and the spawn is in full swing.

Right now, catfishing is a grind for sure. We are now on our fourth high water in just over a month so the fish are confused from that and add in that spawn. Fish tight to cut banks where there is slack water or with the high water tight to the submerged tree stumps and root balls. Fishing in the middle if safe enough is producing smaller fish on average. 5oz of sinker is the minimum to stick a bait where you want it. Give a spot a good 30 minutes so the fish have time to find the bait.

Dead sucker remains my bait of choice. I tried goldeye and frogs to no avail where I was fishing. Many are saying shrimp is catching fish but mostly smaller fish.

River access on the entire Red River is limited in some areas while others are open. Both Grand Forks ramps are open.

Congratulations to Trever Lunski and Jace Lunski for winning the 10th Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament. The 2025 tournament will be June 27/28, 2025.



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