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May 14, 2015
Does anyone have any experience with the Meyers Sportspal canoes? I have been shopping around for a cheap canoe I can take my 2 boys out on around some of the local lakes around here (Mcdowells,Sweetbriar,Fish Creek etc). I've been looking at the 14 footer since I usually fish solo until they get a little older and it seems like that size might work out especially if bobber fishing is what we will mainly be doing. What turned me on to these are they are light weight and about the most stable canoe out there. They don't track well and are slow but my dad has a never been used 20 year old 60lb thrust trolling motor sitting in his basement just collecting dust that I would throw on there so tracking and speed wouldn't really be an issue. Anyone have any advice on the matter?

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Oh and here is the video that initially got me interested in this particular canoe.


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