Skunk Bay - Lake Sakakawea Walleye

"BOATED" fish is a term used in the world of fishing which can be used in conjunction with "BOXED" fish, or it can be used along with "RELEASED" fish. The caption in my video stated "(Four buddies from Iowa BOATED 24 fish w/ Brett.)" Nobody said anything about BOXING, aka keeping, fish.

I hate that I have to explain all this to a fellow North Dakota native. It is embarrassing for us as a group of native North Dakota outdoorsmen that we publicly accuse people of cheating without any evidence.
wonder if the gnf will be giving bloemendahl guide service a call after this video :unsure:

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Oct 17, 2022 at 5:39 PM
If you have ever been nearly skunked, you might know the only thing keeping you from catching fish is location and the wind at Lake Sakakawea. The majority of the day jigging raps, swim baits, jigs and minnows, and even crawlers did nothing to change the fishes’ attitude. I was lucky enough to come into a school of hungry fish at Skunk Bay on this day or else I would have actually taken the the L for the day and went home with my tail between my legs. It isn’t often I venture over to Deepwater Bay or thereabouts, but with the East Side of Lake Sakakawea only producing catfish or an even rare smallie, I decided now was the time. Van Hook Arm has been going off the hook this summer, but I’ve faired fine enough to stay close to home most of the time and be satisfied with spending less fuel money to catch my limit of walleye. This adventure is out of Deepwater Bay, Independence Island and Point, and eventually Skunk Bay near Skunk Creek Bay Recreational Area. It was ironic that Skunk Bay was where I evaded being skunked for the day. You’re going to love it!

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