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    Crude oil prices!

    The minute you tell em your not a dumb Trumper they start attacking you. Politics are great around here.
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    Grocery trip with da wife...

    What costs $400 at Walmart costs $600 at any local competitor. I shop with the clowns at Walmart. Our carts average about $450 a trip. Ain't easy feeding an army every week.
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    Shoulder injuries

    I tor my sack one time
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    U.A.W strike?

    More strikes. Pump it up. I wanna see the price of a new super duty hit 160k.
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    Where are the youth deer pics?

    It's only a hassle if you really care the land is posted.
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    Grocery trip with da wife...

    Imagine the super old people that are on a tight fixed budget. Those are the ones feeling the squeeze.
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    Where are the youth deer pics?

    Life's too short. Hunt that posted land. Poach them deers. Fuck em all.
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    The Hook

    Did u fix that pump tho?
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    Humminbird 899 Question

    Time to upgrade.
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    U.A.W strike?

    I don't own any stock in them bastards. I hope they strike and it drags out forever. Let's fuck the economy even more. Might as well make shit interesting.
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    TOO SOON ???

    Jordan Love looked ok. He's the new owner of the bears now that Rodgers is gone.
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    TOO SOON ???

    Jets would actually have been interesting to watch with Rodgers. They got some weapons.
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    Bisman Online Problems

    I'm surprised Facebook hasn't killed bisman yet honestly.
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    Show up with 1 boat, go home with 3. What a problem to have.

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