How To Use Creek Chubs for Big Walleye - With Tournament Champ Jeff Enzminger

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Sep 30, 2022 at 3:23 PM
Posted by Vollmer
I was fortunate enough to have tournament stud, Jeff Enzminger, in my boat on Lake Sakakawea to show me (and you) how he fishes creek chubs for tournament-winning walleye. You'll learn everything you need to try this awesome presentation and watch us catch a few hogs along the way!

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Video Outline:
0:00 Intro
1:07 Gear Used
2:02 Presentation and Technique
2:38 Where To Buy Creek Chubs
3:16 Challenge of Creek Chubs vs Jigging Raps
3:52 What Size Creek Chubs To Use
5:14 Starting to Fish
6:16 Bite Windows
6:58 First Fish Catch (on a Jigging Rap)
7:58 First Creek Chub Hookup
9:24 Another Jigging Rap Fish
10:07 Another Creek Chub Fish
11:10 Reading the Creek Chub for Bites
11:30 A Bigger Creek Chub Fish
12:28 Speculating on Why Creek Chubs Work
12:52 And Another Creek Chub Bite
13:50 Switching to a Bigger Creek Chub
14:20 Hooks
15:00 Presentations That Compliment Creek Chubs
16:54 Bite on the Big Creek Chub
18:43 Outro
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