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Founding Member
Apr 22, 2015
Minto, North Dakota, United States
For those of you Amazon prime users, there is a video on there called "The Secret Life of Deer" and it has alot of behavioral traits of deer on there that would be great for anyone just getting into hunting or especially for sitting down and watching with the kids just to show some of the things white-tails do to help you understand what they are thinking, ie: the foot stomping to alert other deer, what the tail in the air means, etc. although it may be all second nature as to what they mean for a veteran whitetail hunting, i thought it would be a good tool for showing young kids a thing or two, and there are giant bucks on the video haha, most of the video is taken in the suburbs out in New York so 170 whitetail coming up to a camera man at 30 yards are quite unrealistic, but the video, i thought, did hold some value.

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