AIM Stop 1 - Green Bay/Fox River

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Apr 13, 2023 at 7:15 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
First AIM event of 2023 out of Green Bay - Metro. The Fox seemed too muddy to mess with so Guy and I ventured out into the Bay to scrape up 5 bites and start the year with a 15th place finish. Looking forward to fishing with him in both the River Division and WI Divisions this season.

A good lesson from this day is to be okay with letting the day unfold apart from your best intentions prior to your day on the water. More often than not, things seem to piece themselves together if you keep an open mind.

Just a mixture of lipless baits, hair jigs, paddletails and twisters were all we could get these cold water walleyes to react to.

#walleye #walleyefishing #greenbay

Gear used below:
Brew City Active Target Pole:

7-9 JTX ML Rod (hair jigs and plastics):

6-3 Black Reign (jigging):

EGO S2 Slider:

Smooth Moves Seats:

Zipwake 300mm Interceptors:

Blackfish Gear Clothing:

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