Breaking Down Basins for Panfish

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Jan 31, 2023 at 5:06 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Breaking down basins for crappie and bluegill. Tips for identifying key basin features that hold panfish midwinter. This particular winter, the amount of snow and slush on some lakes has made the basin patterns even more powerful as weeds die in shallow water.

Jason Mitchell joins Ice Team Pro Tony Mariotti in western Minnesota but these basin patterns are unfolding across the upper Midwest right now. We also share presentation tips for triggering and catching panfish that are in the typically midwinter funk by using finesse tungsten jigs and light line. In addition, we modifying the jigs with Clam Silkies to give the jig a bug like action in the water. Tips for how to rig and trim the Silkie to catch panfish this winter.
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