Don’t Tie On Another Walleye Jig Until You Watch This!

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May 4, 2023 at 7:43 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
How do you choose the right jig for walleye fishing? Have you ever stared at an entire wall of jigs wondering where to even begin? I created this video to break down jig styles into manageable pieces of information that will help you narrow your search so you can find the perfect jig for the job at hand. Whether it’s pitching jigs on a river system, snap jigging plastics on a natural lake, or dialing in the perfect live bait jig on a reservoir, this video will help you pick the perfect jig for your application. Check out any of the links below to compare jig colors, prices, styles etc. Also check out any of the plastics below to see the ones featured in this video.



Northland Deep V jig

Northland Whistler jig

Reaction Tackle Tungsten jig

Northland Stand Up Jig

VMC Moon Eye Jig

Northland Thumper Jig

Kalin's Google Eye Jig


Eurotackle 3" B-vibe

B Fish N Moxie

B Fish N Pulse-R

Zoom Dead Ringer

Berkeley Power Swimmer

Castaic Jerky J

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