Don't Use Another Walleye Plastic Until You Watch This!

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May 6, 2024 at 7:57 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
*LINKS BELOW* Soft plastics have become very popular for walleye anglers in the past several years. Manufacturers are now making hundreds of "walleye specific" plastics to meet the demand, but the sheer number of options can be daunting when it comes to choosing a soft plastic that will work best for you. In this video, I break down all the aspects of walleye plastics from color, to size, to tail action, to plastic composition, to help you decide which ones to stock in your tackle box!


Walleye Jig Video:


Berkley "The Champ" Swimbait:

B-Fish-N Tackle Pulse-R Swimbait:

Northland Eye Candy Paddle Shad:

Eurotackle 3" B-vibe:

Minnow Baits:

Zoom Fluke Jr.

Kalin's Jerk Minnow Jr.:

Straight-Tail Worms:

Billy Rub Baits Hawt Shawt:

6" Robo Worm:

Curly-Tail Worms:

B-Fish-N Tackle Moxie:

Mister Twister 3" Meeny Grub:

Zoom 4" Dead Ringer:

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