Eelpout Ice Fishing Breakdown with Jason Durham

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Feb 19, 2023 at 4:18 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Ice fishing for one of the strangest fish in North America! The eelpout, sometimes called ling or burbot is the only freshwater cod that lives across parts of the northern US and most of Canada. A fish that spawns in mid February under the ice in northern MN. A fish that resembles a tadpole or eel but also excellent table fare… often called “poor man’s lobster” by ice anglers.

Minnesota guide, Jason Durham details some key items for ice fishing eelpout in northern Minnesota. Top lure types, the importance of glow paint and how to gob on minnows to make them attractive to eelpout. Top midwinter locations are explained along with productive jigging cadences that incorporate pounding into the bottom.

Eelpout were once often considered a trash fish and were unfortunately often left out on the ice in waste. A large fraternity of ice anglers however are beginning to respect these fascinating fish and many anglers are now targeting these fish on purpose. Eelpout are one of mother nature’s most fascinating predators! This video drops all the details if you want to target eelpout this winter from one of the most enthusiastic eelpout anglers in the industry!
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