First Ice Walleyes in Northern Manitoba ( With @JaySiemens and @apbassing)

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Nov 17, 2023 at 12:53 PM
Posted by Nodak Angler
The ice is starting to show in certain places across the country. I had to make a heck of a trip from Quebec all the way to Manitoba where I then jumped in a truck with Jay Siemens and made the long 8 hour drive to the northern parts of the province. Upon our arrival we did indeed find ice where we made a plan over the next four days to smash as many different species as myself, Jay and Alex Peric could get our hands on. We put on a lot of miles and worked hard and played safe to bring you this video as well as a few others on the Jay Siemens channel, ApBassin Channel as well as the Fish Frostbite Channel. Hope you all enjoy!

In my videos I target trophy game fish species from all across Canada. Focusing in Quebec and Ontario, fishing from the boat, on the Ice as well as days on the bank in the most secluded to the most Urban spots Canada has to offer. Fishing with friends as well as clients from across the country and the globe you can be sure to see all kinds of action as well as educative information to help you achieve catching your trophy of a lifetime.

Thanks again and I will see you on the next video! Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments as well subscribing to my channel for more trophy freshwater fishing action!

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Video shot by: Andrew Walker, Ryan Gaynor, Brandon Beiler
Editing done by: Andrew Walker
Cameras used : Sony a6400, Gopro Hero 7,Gopro Hero 8, Go Pro Hero 9
Editing done with: Adobe Premier Pro

All music is non copyright
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