Hat Creek Trout - First Experience Fly Fishing in Northern California

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Oct 4, 2023 at 4:45 PM
I bought a fly rod a year ago with the hopes of someday getting to try it out. This trip to Redding, California had zero expectations or plans for real fishing happening. Little did I know, God would put me on my first ever fly fishing experience and my first ever rainbow trout on a fly rod, my third trout in my lifetime. I’m thankful my wife let me explore a little while we were on our retreat that had nothing to do with fishing, ha! Thank you, Kat! It was remarkable to find out while we were in the area that the Hat Creek happens to be a world-renown trout fishing destination for people of all caliber and experience fishing. It was a true blessing to just be in that entire area to begin with and I had to share it for the memories alone and hope to go back. Maybe this video will give you a little insight on the area, too, if you happen to be north of Redding anytime soon. Also, don’t forget to swing by Burney Falls and enjoy the most amazing waterfall you’ll ever see. Just get there early in the morning and expect the temperatures to be near 50 degrees and wet even on hot summer days there.

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