Hole Hopping w/ Smitty Sled - Ice Fishing Lake Audubon Walleye

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Jan 6, 2024 at 9:56 AM
Come check out the maiden voyage of my Smitty Sled! I built a Smitty Sled to be able to easily manage my Mega Live and hole hop areas on lakes early season and late. Ice fishing has been rough this 2023-24 season for everyone. The quality of ice on Lake Audubon is terrible even at 12 inches. I wouldn’t trust a vehicle out in the middle of the bays with the broken up ice. This was the first time this season I was able to find some walleye. It definitely was worth the time to hole hop until I found them biting in a spot.

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0:00 Smitty Sled Setup
1:05 Craig’s Shack
1:55 Smitty Overview
3:40 Mega Live Settings
4:30 Ice Thickness
5:30 Friendly Fisherpeople
7:00 Marking fish
10:00 Hooking up on fish
12:30 1st pay off
14:20 2nd pay off
17:40 3rd pay off
18:54 Lure of choice
19:50 Why fwd facing?
20:44 Map of area
21:00 What are people using?
23:00 Another fish
24:00 biggest fish of day
25:09 Finale
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