How to Catch More Walleye With Slip Bobbers

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May 14, 2023 at 9:33 PM
Posted by Vollmer
How to catch more fish with slip bobbers. These are simple slip bobber tips that will make a difference when catching walleye. Topics include how to rig slip bobbers, gear for slip bobber walleye fishing, tips for turning over fish, and more. #walleye #JMOtips

Slip Bobber:
Bobber Multi-Pack:
Scheels Walleye Series Spinning Rod:

00:00 - 00:05 Intro
00:06 - 00:27 What to Look for in a Rod
00:28 - 00:40 How to Properly Set the Hook
00:41 - 01:05 Overview of Gear You Should Have
01:06 - 01:43 What Jigs to Use
01:44 - 01:57 When to Use Slip Bobbers
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