How to Fish NEW LAKES for Walleye LIKE A PRO!

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Apr 29, 2024 at 4:36 PM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Step 1. Download Walleye Now
Step 2. Click on iPhone Link
Step 3. Create Account on Walleye Now

Step 1. Download Walleye Now
Step 2. Create Account
Step 3. Email and ask for code.
Step 4. Redeem Code On Google Play
Step 5. Close out of App Re-open App

May 1st we will select winner for Scheels 200$ Gift Card
We are back with another spring walleye fishing video! In this video we are fishing a new lake. Fishing a new lake can be one of the more challenging tasks when trying to catch walleyes. In this video I talk all about the process I go through when I comes to catching walleyes on new lakes. I end of finding a ton of walleyes on a very windy day. I catch all of them casting a Kalins Underspin Jig and tickle tail swimsuit. Thanks for watching

Kalins Underpin Google eye -
Kalins Net -
Kalins Tickle Tail Swimbait:

TKI Inc Live Pole -
USE CODE : WALLEYENOW24 at checkout!

The Boat Center -

Warrior 2090 Tiller -

Humminbird Helix 9 G4 MSI GRAPHS -

Rod Used -

Simms Fishing Clothing -

Reel Used - Piscifun Carbon X2 - 2000 -

Official website: Code: TOM15

Amazon store: Code: BK9ZGRYSUse code upon purchase! : BK9ZGRYS
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