Ice Fishing Big Saskatchewan Walleye!!

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Dec 16, 2022 at 8:58 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Ice Fishing for Big walleye is always fun because you never know when the fish of the day/week is going to come along! Hyper Glide was the lure of choice on this day and it did NOT disappoint :)

Cabin we stayed at ----

Acme Tackle (Acme Tackle Website) (Pokeys Tackle)

~~My 2022-2023 Ice Fishing Partners~~

Frostbite Fishing (Frostbite Canada) (Frostbite USA)

Catch and Cook

Aqua Vu Cameras

Lurenet (use code Clayton15) (Pokeys Tackle)

Acme Tackle (Acme Tackle Website) (Pokeys Tackle)

Otter Outdoors (Otter Outdoors Website) (CMX Powersports CANADA)

Ion Augers (Ion Website) (Pokeys Tackle)

Striker Ice (Striker Brands Website) (CMX Powersports CANADA)

Humminbird (Humminbird Website) (Pokeys Tackle)

Dakota Lithium Battery (Dakota Website)

Savage Gear (Savage Gear Website) (Pokeys Tackle)

Sufix Line (Sufix Line) (Pokeys Tackle)




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