Ice Fishing + Hunting COMBO Day

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Jan 22, 2024 at 11:11 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Back in late December Keevin and I headed out for an Ice Fishing + Hunting combo in Manitoba's Interlake Region. 2 heaviest Walleye plus 2 heaviest grouse to be crowned the winner of the Interlake Classic!

HuntFishMB (Hunting and Fishing In Manitoba):
Keevin Erickson:]
Narrows Sunset Lodge:
Frostbite Scissor Kick Jig (Active Bait):
Frostbite Meathead Jig (Deadstick Bait):
Frostbite Smokeshow Rod:
Frostbite 1000 Diesel Reel:
Frostbite Ice Braid (8LB Test):
0     0     221

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