Ice Fishing Pike and Walleye + The Outdoors Sports Show (featuring dock dogs)

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Feb 19, 2023 at 4:18 PM
Posted by Vollmer
This video includes many different outdoor adventures. We start off fishing on a popular lake for walleye and didn't have much success beings we had to pack up early to get ready for the Bismarck Sports Show with Dvorak Motor Sports. We drove our four-wheeler through front door of the civic center and got it into place. The next three days we spent a lot of time at the sports show watching the dock dogs jump into the water, fishing seminars, various venders, and talking to many great people. It was a fun event but when all was said and done, we were ready to be out on the ice again. We went out fishing in a local spot along the Missouri River and tried our luck. We caught a couple walleye and pike. We were able to get some sweet film of the Garmin Livescope while the walleye was caught. Towards the end of the ice fishing trip, we had Canada geese flying overhead which reminded us that spring is coming and with spring comes the great snow goose season and walleye run in the Missouri River. We looked back on a few videos and pictures from last year on how fun this upcoming season can be.
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