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Jun 18, 2023 at 11:37 AM
Posted by Vollmer
Insane walleye action on the Van Hook Arm of Lake Sakakawea in western North Dakota. Fishing fast with bottom bouncers and spinner harnesses. Substituting traditional live bait with the new Eye Candy from Northland Fishing Tackle. The Eye Candy is an elastic plastic which is much softer yet stretchier than traditional soft plastics. This material also absorbs scents well and floats, making it perfect for tipping spinner harnesses for catching walleye. The durability of the Eye Candy enables you to catch many fish on one body without having to rebait.

We cruised points and sunken islands in 7-12 feet of water where we marked fish with our electronics and pulled through fish at 1.5 miles per hour. We share tips on how to use bottom bouncers and spinners to catch summer walleye. Gear breakdown of rod and reel setup for using bottom bouncers and spinners to catch walleye. Insights on how to find and locate reservoir walleye. Lake Sakakawea located on the Missouri River has been trending hot over the past decade. Premier destination fishery for walleye.

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