Kicking the season off at Spring Valley #walleyefishing #walleye #sauger

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Mar 30, 2024 at 2:25 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Three days on the water with my good friend, Mark Michael for the 2024 Masters Walleye Circuit on the Illinois River. Tougher fishing than I was hoping for but we still had a great time. Pretty much committed to stacker rigs and vertical jigging which I try to go over with you throughout the video. Hope you pick a few things up and thanks for watching!

Trolling rods used (9-6 & 8' JT Ascendant) -
Vertical Jigging (6-3 JT Black Reign) -

Blackfish Zenith Softshell:
Blackfish waterproof Beanie:
Blackfish waterproof gloves:
Blackfish stormskin bibs:

EGO S2 Slider w/22" hoop & rubber bag -
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