Late Fall Walleye on Tobin Lake

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Oct 26, 2022 at 8:08 AM
Posted by Vollmer
Tactics for how to catch walleye on Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan. Tobin Lake is a large renowned reservoir with a reputation for producing giant walleye. In the fall, many walleye migrate out of the lake into the Saskatchewan River near Nipawin to follow the shiner migration. This fall pattern creates a prime opportunity to catch nice walleye.

We focused on big bends in the river where there was a reduced flow on the inside bend in depths that ranged between 17-22 feet of water. Ultimately we tried a few things that didn’t work for us but what worked the best for us was simply spot locking with the trolling motor and hanging jigs and shiners over the side of the boat. We basically sat in one location and ran traffic as waves of fish swim by. We have seen this tactic also work well on the Winnipeg River and Rainy River.

Northland Thumper Jigs work great in the fall on big rivers. The little blade gives the jig some flash. Tipped with either a frozen shiner or jarred shiner. Bites were extremely light and the fish would pull the shiners off the jig so we did better using straight Nanofil and setting the hook immediately.

Phenomenal fishing opportunity and we can’t wait to return to Tobin. We stayed with Trails End Outfitters.
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