Late Ice Fishing Greenback Walleyes (lots of HOOKSET ACTION and BIG FISH!!!)

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Mar 27, 2023 at 7:11 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing: Mid-March 2023

It was our first time fishing Lake Winnipeg for Greenback Walleye and it was an absolute blast!

We started off by fishing the mouth area with decent success but decided to venture out away from the pressure to another part of the lake on the Eastside into some deeper water.

We fished the same flat for 2 days, not moving spots and just letting the Greenbacks come to us- Which landed us a number of very nice mid-upper twenty inch fish!

DEPTH 19 ft

DATES Mid-March 2023

The biggest fish we landed where on a set hook and fat head but they were crushing the rattle baits over the set lines more times then not

BEST COLORS: Gold, Brown, Yellow

TIP: Keeping those rattle baits going!! When they are roaming the flats, you need to always have something down to draw them in. The water is heavily stained.

Need something with tracks to get around Lake Winnipeg?
We rented a side by side with an extended bed from SnowMuchFun for our trip - extremely accommodating and very reasonably priced - highly recommend him if your needing a ride for your trip!!

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