Mega Live BEAT by Side Imaging - Lake Sakakawea

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Nov 19, 2023 at 8:28 PM
Brett Bloemendaal and I took to the water on a flat-calm day. The biggest take-away of the day was 27 inches long! One of the biggest fish I’ve seen in person. Other take-aways are that the old version of Mega Live was slightly helpful in finding fish reaction to bait. Toying around with the Mega Live on Brett Bloemendaal’s Lund ProV today we were able to find messes of fish. Getting them to bite was the trick. It was capped by seeing a paddlefish surface. That was a first time for me on the big lake. I’ve seen them plenty at the Tailrace, but not here in open water. We also were able to take home a few walleye for the box when we pulled them in from deeper than 30 feet.

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