Overnight Ice Fishing in a YETTI! | Lake Winnipeg 24 Hour Challenge!

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Feb 23, 2023 at 2:36 PM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Spent the night in the Yetti Fish house with Gaune Fishin! I set out to fish for a total of 24 hours and try for a top 5 Walleye Challenge. The bite was not crazy but it was consistent so it kept a person very busy! I must say the Shore Lunch and BBQ was easily my favorite part of the trip!

~~Gaune Fishin~~
http://bit.ly/3kmvnIm (Gaune Fishin Website)
https://bit.ly/3lSZ1VX (Gaune Fishin Instagram)

Fishing and Hunting in Manitoba (HuntfishMB)

Hunt/Fish Merch --- http://bit.ly/3COUlWU

~~My 2022-2023 Ice Fishing Partners~~

Finicky Foolers Found here!
Finicky Fooler for USA here ---- https://bit.ly/3rsbobK
Finicky Fooler for Canada here ---- https://bit.ly/2JNEiN5

Frostbite Fishing
https://bit.ly/3qtwpDb (Frostbite Canada)
https://bit.ly/3De62nW (Frostbite USA)

Send It Outdoors (Use Code "Clayton")

Catch and Cook

Aqua Vu Cameras

https://bit.ly/3n1jCp7 (use code Clayton15)
https://bit.ly/3xiLmJw (Pokeys Tackle)

Acme Tackle
https://bit.ly/3F5ITVB (Acme Tackle Website)
https://bit.ly/2JNEiN5 (Pokeys Tackle)

Otter Outdoors
https://bit.ly/3n2VUc0 (Otter Outdoors Website)
https://bit.ly/3bXkVzb (CMX Powersports CANADA)

Ion Augers
https://bit.ly/30amTcF (Ion Website)
https://bit.ly/2JNEiN5 (Pokeys Tackle)

Striker Ice
https://bit.ly/3qkaoXf (Striker Brands Website)
https://bit.ly/3bXkVzb (CMX Powersports CANADA)

Dakota Lithium Battery
https://bit.ly/3F4MDX5 (Dakota Website)

Savage Gear
https://bit.ly/3wvaPPA (Savage Gear Website)
https://bit.ly/2JNEiN5 (Pokeys Tackle)

Sufix Line
https://bit.ly/3D6QItp (Sufix Line)
https://bit.ly/2JNEiN5 (Pokeys Tackle)




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