Shallow Trolling Multiplier- Catch More Walleyes!

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May 22, 2023 at 7:51 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Trolling crankbaits in shallow water is deadly for spring walleye especially on river systems. Many anglers use line counter reels and trolling rods for trolling crankbaits but line counter reels have several disadvantages when trolling shallow. Line counter reels take more time and space to set up and this decreases your efficiency and also limits trolling spots to bigger spots that have more room.

When trolling in shallow water, speed up your setup time by using a spinning rod. A spinning rod and reel is much faster to get in and out which enables you to set up trolling passes on much shorter and tighter spots. A spinning rod and reel is also generally lighter and easier to hand hold which can be important for pumping and snapping the rod which gives the lure a stop and go action that often triggers fish in cold water.

Determine amount of line to let out by distance of cast and develop a feel for the lure. Shallow running balsa baits like the Rumble Shinerare often deadly in the spring and fall in shallow water less than eight feet.
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