Skunk Bay Lake Sakakawea w/ Craig - Walleye, Sauger, and Moose, Oh My!

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Jun 4, 2023 at 2:47 PM
The moose swimming across the lake tried to stop us, but we went anyway. The word of the day was WOW! With uncertainty in Deepwater Bay, coaxing from a fellow fisherman, and calm weather to start the day, Skunk Bay saved the day… again! Craig Kramber from Six Pack Custom Tackle and I stopped at the East Slides and tried a few marks, but didn’t get anything to take. Independence Point offered no takers either, so onto Skunk Creek Bay for the spring bite and it didn’t disappoint. The fish were not lively on the cranks, the jigs and minnows, or jigs and plastics. The water temps were up to 68 degrees in Skunk Bay compared to Deepwater Bay’s 59-62 degrees. The thing that got us our fish this day were the spinners and bottom bouncers if you can believe that. If you can’t believe it, watch the tape. We went from ice season to bottom bouncer season in a few short weeks. One white bass was still milking, too.

We also tried our hand at Mega Live in the boat even with only a bungee cord and rough waters it was interesting and fun. It didn’t result in any catches, but we knew we were getting bites on more than rocks and weeds when we had a few. It was fun to watch a few dart around, too, as they were clearly feeding fish. Hopefully, I’ll get that Mega Live system dialed in a little better and find my jig like I have seen on the dockside of Nelson Lake earlier this spring.

Thanks for coming by. Sub if you haven’t and don’t forget, you’re going to love it!

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