Slaying Early Fall Sakakawea Walleyes (Jig Rapping with NoDak Angler)

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Sep 30, 2022 at 3:25 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Went fishing on Lake Sakakawea with Justin Vollmer (NoDak Angler) for the first time, and given the time of year (early fall transition), we were just hoping to catch a few and have a good time. It wound up being one of the best early fall bites I've ever experienced! We also thew in some good little nuggets for fishing this time of year and some details on jigging rap presentation and color. Oh...and I got my camera right this time...crystal-clear 4K!

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Video Outline:
0:00 Intro
1:26 Starting Fishing
2:48 Dialing in Jigging Rap Technique
3:25 Fish on Blue Jigging Rap
4:40 First Over 20 Inch Walleye
5:24 More Specifics on Jigging Rap Presentation for the Day
6:27 Second over 20 Inch Walleye
9:00 Landing Fish on Jigging Raps
9:15 Cooking Fish on a Blackstone Grill
9:50 Graph Screenshots
11:22 Discussing Smelt Population on Sakakawea
12:08 Fishing Back Bays When Water Is Rising
13:11 Hot Afternoon Bite Starts
15:14 Another Over 20 Inch Walleye
16:20 More Again on Working Jigging Raps
17:15 Tank Walleye Catch
20:52 Recapping Both Caught and Lost Fish
21:10 Weather Conditions Contributing to the Bite
21:28 Justin Goes on a Tear
22:58 Another Over 20 Inch Walleye
24:40 Marveling Over the Quality of Fish Caught
26:00 Surprised By the Bite This Time of Year
26:24 Another Tank Walleye
28:13 Justin Tries To Credit Me for His Fish Catches
28:50 One More Tank Walleye
30:30 Outro and Ways To Support & Follow Our Channels
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