Tom Boley runs leadcore for pressured fall-transition walleyes

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Sep 30, 2022 at 4:04 PM
Posted by Vollmer
Here's Tom Boley breaking down his "Presentation of the Month" so you can catch more walleyes on your home waters. This time around, he's running leadcore during this late-summer to fall transition.

Leadcore is exactly what it sounds like: fishing line with a lead core. The line sinks (duh!) which helps crankbaits dive you can run smaller baits down where pressured fish likely haven’t seen ‘em before. And it’s a great way to cover water at 2+ mph in search of those transitioning fish.

Tom kicks out this kind of content NON-STOP on his new phone app called “Walleye Now” which you can find on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store below...

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Tom's YouTube channel:

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