Trophy Walleye on Deep Offshore Structure

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Apr 8, 2024 at 7:29 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Trophy class walleye on deep offshore structure. Great walleye fishing in August out of Bakers Narrows Lodge on Lake Athapapuskow in northern Manitoba. Break down a prominent pattern whenever big walleye are keying on pelagic cold water baitfish like tulibee or cisco.

With Active Target (forward facing sonar) we throw a one/ two punch of aggressive glide baits like the Northland Pitching Puppet and a tungsten jig with either a half crawler or frozen shiner as the tungsten jigs show up better on forward facing sonar.

Jason Mitchell joins guide Mac Mulligan to explain how walleye set up on these offshore pieces of structure along with tips on triggering these fish to bite. Breakdown on how to effectively use glide baits like Jigging Raps, Pitching Puppets, Tikka Minos and Shadow Raps to catch walleye.

Bakers Narrows Lodge is a renowned fishing camp in Canada that is easily reached by blacktop highway and offers serious trophy walleye potential with fish over thirty inches possible.

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